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SCS Franchise pharmacies

The company was established in 2007 and its main goal is to concentrate and manage several pharmacies: Sanita, Ceiba Pharmacies and Sofia Pharmacies. Our mission is to help people live a healthier and happier life. SCS Franchise JSCo offers to its clients quality products and a high level of service. We believe that consumer satisfaction is the foundation of success. This is the reason why all processes that are not directly related to customer service are managed by a head office. Personnel selection, commercial negotiation, merchandising, pricing, information, accounting, administrative and legal services are the main part of the activities for which we offer professional solutions. This way we provide pharmacies with the most important, our customers.


SCS Franchise JSCo offers its customers high quality products and services with a high level of service


We are proud to say that we already have over 50 pharmacies across the country.


Online Sanita pharmacies offer a full range of medical and a variety of non-medical products


Over 150 pharmacies across the country

SCS Franchise JSCo offers professional solutions for the management of processes in the retail of pharmaceuticals. The company employs professionals in the fields of pharmacy, commerce, finance, accounting and information technology. The company owns




SCS Franchise JSCo offers to its clients professional solutions for management of retail trade of medicinal products. The company employs qualified team of experts in the fields of pharmacy, trade, finances, accounting and IT. The company holds the right to use and manage the following trademarks: